Auto Electromagnetic Iron - Remover for Power Form Material

Auto Electromagnetic Iron - Remover for Power Form Material / Guan Yu is equipped with modern facilities in R&D, manufacturing and inspection.

Auto Electromagnetic Iron - Remover for Power Form Material



  • Anode Materials for Li-ion Battery Must have this type machine . High voltage test for electrical windings is under 50 Hz, AC 2000 V in 1 second, and no damage.
  • The insulation resistance of electrical winding is less than 10 MΩ in cool condition (before operation).
  • Use transformer oil as insulation and the temperature of oil is less than 60°C.
  • The magnetic screen is made by stainless high magnetic conduction material. Magnetic performance ≥ 15 % of the excitation magnetic field.
  • Frame and the surfaces which touch the raw material are made by imported stainless steel SUS 304.
  • Using safe and reliable cooling circulation system which not only extends the service life of the machinery but also ensures the machinery in working order for long period of time.
  • An auto - warning device is installed in the electric cabinet which offers buzzer and beacon alarm, and reduces the impact of iron removing process while machine shut down.
  • The feature for combining fully and semi automation in iron removing and discharging process offers easy cleaning, swift operation and time & effort saving.
  • A series of effective measures have been taken into structure designs and manufacturing processes which extend the service life of the machinery dramatically.
  • The electrical equipment of this machine can fully ensure personnel safety, reliability, long working hours, and easy installation and maintenance.


  • Input Voltge: 3 phase, 380 V / 415 V (depends request)
  • Output Voltge: DC 180 V
  • Initial Current: 25 ~ 30 A
  • Thermal Balance Current: 25 A
  • Thertmal Balance Temperature: 60°C
  • Total Power: 5 KW
  • Excitation Magnetic Power: 30 KW
  • Horizontal Type Vibrator: 260 kg, 2 ests (voltage depends on request)
  • Intensity Of Magnetic Field: ≥ 15000 GS
  • Cooling Way: Outer coolant - water, inner coolant - transformer oil
  • Denagnetizing Way: Demagnetizing coil
  • Capacity: 2 - 3 tons / hour (feldspar powder)
  • Weight: Net Weight 800 kgs


  • This machine is applicable for removing ferrous contamination in powder form material which has been sieved from mess # 40 screens. This separator is suitable for many industries, such as ceramic, chemical, electronics and etc.

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Auto Electromagnetic Iron - Remover for Power Form Material | Industrial Vibratory Screen Separator | Iron Remover Supplier - Guan Yu

Based in Taiwan, Guan Yu Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. is a high capacity Auto Electromagnetic Iron - Remover for Power Form Material | industrial vibratory screen separator and iron remover (magnetic separator) supplier, since 1981.

Vibratory screen separators such as multi-layer and sealed, cover rim, vertical discharge, high frequency, ultrasonic and rectangular, which are designed with no blockage on screen, high efficiency, applicable for 400 mesh or finer.

Heavy duty, revolving, drawer, automatic electromagnetic iron removers are compact, light weight and easy to operate.

Guan Yu's vibratory screen separators and iron removers divide grading materials into various industries with total solutions. With both advanced technology and 42 years of experience, Guan Yu makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

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